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    First Sergeant Shady


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    First Sergeant Shady

    Post by shady on Mon 10 Jan - 22:41

    Hi Guys, just thought I'd pop in here and see whats Going on, for thoughs who maybe don't know I have a halftrack C18 (crazy horse/daring). Also GPW C3 (Curle) in 2nd Armoured, and most of the time I seem to have to reenact as a 1st Sgt. Hope to meet you all soon.
    Little Greg

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    Re: First Sergeant Shady

    Post by Little Greg on Mon 10 Jan - 23:25

    Hello First,
    Be welcome on our forum and don't be shy if you want to post anything in English, we'll translate it for you if needed.
    All the best,

    Little Greg.

    Assistant Squad Leader
    "101st Airborne Division Belgian Friendly"
    S-1 / S-4.

    Purée... mais qu'est-ce que je fais chez ces fous.....
    et je le confirme.... monde de fous.

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    Re: First Sergeant Shady

    Post by Klondike on Tue 11 Jan - 1:48

    Hello Shady,
    Nice to see you here too.
    All the best,

    Grand Sachem !

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    Re: First Sergeant Shady

    Post by SSgt_Anthony on Tue 11 Jan - 18:53

    Welcome FSGT!

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    Re: First Sergeant Shady

    Post by Seal on Mon 17 Jan - 8:39

    Welcome First sergeant
    Jm 83rd

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    Re: First Sergeant Shady

    Post by Jm 83rd on Mon 17 Jan - 8:51

    hello shady

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    Re: First Sergeant Shady

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